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Featured Cards
All-Night Party There's no time for napping when All-Night Party (96/122) is in play! During your turn, if your Active Pokémon is Asleep, this Stadium card lets you wake it up and heal 30 damage from it so you can keep battling until dawn!
Darkrai-EX Turn the lights out on your opponent with Darkrai-EX (74/122) and its two powerful attacks. First, Dark Pulse lets you deliver huge blows by tapping into the Darkness Energy attached to all your Pokémon. Then, catch your opponent napping with Dark Head, which does 160 damage if your opponent's Active Pokémon is Asleep!
Emboar-EX Sear your opponents with Emboar-EX (14/122) and its Strong Flare attack. At 150 damage, Strong Flare has the potential to Knock Out a lot of Pokémon in one shot. And since Emboar-EX has 180 HP, few Pokémon will likely be able to return the favor.
Espeon-EX Confound your opponent with Espeon-EX (52/122) and its Miraculous Shine attack! This attack devolves each of your opponent's evolved Pokémon, returning the highest Stage Evolution card to his or her hand. This is particularly effective against Mega Evolution Pokémon—without a Spirit Link, re-evolving one of these Pokémon will end your opponent's turn.
Fighting Fury Belt Pump up your Basic Pokémon with the Fighting Fury Belt (99/122) Pokémon Tool card. It gives a boost to your Pokémon's HP and the amount of damage its attacks will do. Remember that most Pokémon-EX are Basic Pokémon, so Fighting Fury Belt will work on them, too!
Golduck BREAK Golduck BREAK (18/122) doesn't come with an attack, but it does have an Ability that could be useful in many decks. Hyper Transfer lets you move basic Energy around among your Pokémon as much as you'd like during your turn. With this flexibility, you'll be able to get any of your Pokémon ready to attack much quicker.
Greninja BREAK Slice your opponents with the awesome power of Greninja BREAK's (41/122) Giant Water Shuriken Ability. Just by discarding a Water Energy from your hand, you can drop 6 damage counters on one of your opponent's Pokémon. An attack with that effect would be pretty an Ability, it's spectacular.
Gyarados-EX Gyarados-EX (26/122) can rapidly power itself up with Water Energy by using its Stormy Seas attack (based on a few lucky coin flips). Then, once it has the Energy needed, it can unleash its 130-damage Splash Burn attack. Splash Burn also dings your own Benched Pokémon a little, so be ready to heal them after using Splash Burn a few times.
Ho-Oh-EX Ho-Oh-EX (92/122) shines bright in the Pokémon TCG with its powerful Elemental Feather attack. It's challenging to use, requiring a Grass, Water, and Lightning Energy, but when it can dish out 130 damage plus 30 more damage to an opponent's Benched Pokémon, that's usually worth the effort. And when Ho-Oh-EX has begun to wear down, attach a Fire Energy so it can use its Purifying Fire Ability, healing 50 damage.
Hypno Tuck in both Active Pokémon with Hypno's (51/122) Goodnight, Babies Ability, which leaves both of them Asleep. Take advantage of the quiet time to set up your next moves.
Luxray BREAK Luxray BREAK (47/122) is always just a couple of coin flips away from Knocking Out virtually any Pokémon in one hit. Its Wild Fury attack starts at 130 damage, then adds 40 for every heads you flip until you get tails. That kind of potential makes Luxray BREAK a Pokémon worth building a deck around.
Manaphy-EX Manaphy-EX (32/122) is a great option for any deck that features Water-type Pokémon. Its Aqua Tube Ability removes the Retreat Cost of any Pokémon with Water Energy attached to it, and its Mineral Pump attack can heal all of your Benched Pokémon in addition to doing 60 damage. Support, healing, and damage—Manaphy-EX can do it all.
Mega Gyarados-EX All that Water Energy you've attached to Gyarados-EX gets put to good use once it evolves into Mega Gyarados-EX (27/122). Its Blast Geyser attack can do extra damage for each Water Energy attached to it! And at 240 HP, Mega Gyarados-EX can withstand some stormy situations.
Meganium The Grass-type Meganium (3/122) is at its best when it has already taken a beating in battle. Its Overgrow Ability makes Meganium's attacks do a lot more damage when it is low on HP, and its Green Force attack has a "draining" effect, doing damage and healing Meganium for the same amount. With 150 HP, Meganium can already take some substantial hits before getting Knocked Out, and this synergy between its Ability and attack makes it even more difficult.
Mega Scizor-EX Mega Scizor-EX (77/122) brings its Iron Crusher attack with some extra tricks to help you win. When you use it, not only do you deliver 120 damage, you can also discard a Special Energy off your target or a Stadium card in play. Those extra tactical advantages can quickly turn the tide of battle in your favor.
Misty's Determination Misty's Determination (104/122) gives you a pretty good shot at getting a card you need: you can look at the top 8 cards of your deck and pick one of them to put in your hand. You do have to discard a card as an additional cost, but that's hardly an issue with so many strong ways to use and retrieve cards in your discard pile right now.
Palkia-EX Palkia-EX's (31/122) Aqua Turbo is the kind of attack that top players seek out. Not only does it deliver a decent 40 damage, it also helps get Energy into play quickly. And once Palkia-EX is fully charged, it can switch to a more offensive role with its great (but expensive) Pearl Hurricane attack.
Puzzle of Time Puzzle of Time (109/122) is one of the more curious cards to come to the Pokémon TCG. You can play it like a regular Item card to rearrange the top three cards of your deck. Or, if you have two Puzzle of Time cards in your hand, you can play both of them at once for a different effect: putting two cards from your discard pile into your hand. Depending on the situation, Puzzle of Time gives you multiple possibilities to consider.
Raticate BREAK With Raticate BREAK (89/122), you can quickly cut even the biggest Pokémon down to size. Its Super Fang attack leaves its target with only 10 HP, making it easy to knock down on the next turn (or right away if the Pokémon is Poisoned or Burned).
Reverse Valley Choose your destiny with the two-sided Reverse Valley (110/122) Stadium card. One player gets an attack bonus for their Darkness-type Pokémon, and the other gets extra protection for their Metal-type Pokémon. When you play Reverse Valley, you get to decide which is which!
Scizor-EX Scizor-EX (76/122) is great for quick strikes early in battle, with two attacks that require very little Energy. For one Metal Energy, Steel Wing pings your opponent for 20 damage, but also reduces return damage by 20 on the next turn. And under the right circumstances, Gale Thrust can do more than 100 damage for just two Metal Energy. That kind of fast power is just what you need to get going at the start of a match.
Slowbro Edging closer to victory, but you're not sure how to seal the win? Slowbro (20/122) can help finish games in an instant. When you're down to 1 Prize card left, use the Walk-Off Homer attack, shake hands, and walk away the victor.
Splash Energy We've seen a lot of type-specific Special Energy lately, and now it's the Water-type Pokémon's turn! If your Water-type Pokémon is Knocked Out while a Splash Energy (113/122) is attached to it, the Pokémon goes back to your hand instead of the discard pile, ready to be played again.
Togekiss-EX Keep the Energy flowing with
Togekiss-EX (83/122) and its Mighty Wind attack. It lets you attach an Energy card from your hand to one of your Benched Pokémon. Any Energy card, not just basic Energy—which could be a huge advantage in a deck that runs a lot of Special Energy!
Trevenant BREAK Trevenant BREAK (66/122) brings a terrifying attack: for just 1 Psychic and 1 Colorless Energy, Silent Fear lets you put 3 damage counters on every single one of your opponent's Pokémon. Trevenant BREAK also has a solid 160 HP, putting it into the range of many Pokémon-EX.